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Using Naha Airport as an International Logistics Hub

  • Commercial Model from Okinawa
    Commercial Model from OkinawaThe Naha Airport Hub & Spoke system is the fastest air transportation system bridging Japan and Asia—On board on the Same Day / Arrival Next Day.
  • Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Junction
    Okinawa International Aerial Logistics JunctionThe volume of international cargo handled is currently the third largest in Japan. Similarly to the number of routes and flight passengers, Naha Airport is also expected to continue to grow.
  • Special Economic Zone
    Special Economic ZoneOkinawa is the only prefecture in Japan with special economic zones, supporting corporations' business activities.
  • Support System
    Support SystemThe wide variety of support programs include grants and incentives available to promote business.

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OKINAWA - Commercial Paradise

Introduction to the various selected advantages of the “Southern Island, Okinawa”.


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